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    Taos Expert Skiing

    As host of the Salomon Extreme Freeride Championships, you can bet that Taos has more than enough terrain to occupy skiers who like to defy gravity or dare their legs to top to bottom mogul runs. Kachina Peak is the centerpiece of Taos expert skiing, and it becomes very apparent when you first see the 12,481-plus foot peak, that this is a zone for serious skiers and snowboarders.  

    Kachina Peak isn’t the be all and end all though; experienced skiers and snowboarders can access the entire upper ridge, aka Highline Ridge, of the resort—dropping in wherever they please—via an access gate above Lift 2 and 6. Corner Chute and Twin Trees Chute are two popular zones and lead out to much easier trails—providing your legs with a welcomed break. Highline Ridge terrain offers an off-piste, rugged experience, but if you’re looking for some more manicured challenges, Taos offers steep black diamonds at every turn.

    To learn more about Taos expert skiing call, or chat with, one of Ski.com’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.