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    If your idea of a good night on the town involves late nights, DJs and lots of dancing, then the Mont Tremblant nightlife will certainly please. Come night-fall, Mont Tremblant’s idyllic base village transforms into a lively place for night hawks, with a slew of experiences to fit every preference.

    Mont Tremblant Bars and Night Clubs

    Mont Tremblant is synonymous with a lively nightlife scene, and the reigning king of the night is indelibly the famedCafé Bar d’Epoque. The multi-level bar features dancing cages generally full of young ladies showcasing their moves, a fun bunch of bartenders who often dance on the bars when their favorite songs come on and a well-loved DJ who typically takes requests. Be prepared to back to your accommodations late.

    If your evening tastes trend towards something a little more low-key, then be sure to stop by Microbrasserie Le Diable for some locally made beers and some good conversation.