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    When looking at the mountain from afar, it’s clear that the above treeline top half of the mountain is where you’ll find Mammoth expert skiing. The famed ridgeline, which extends the entire resort, comprises more than 30 percent of the resort’s 3,500 skiable acres and is the ultimate expert skier or snowboarders paradise. The ridge and the four lower benches offer experts a never-ending amount of bowl and powder field skiing, as well as short, steep chutes, cliffs, moguls interesting fall line slopes including several gullies and gulches, and several cornice drops. Combine all those delightful terrain nuggets with 400 inches of snowfall a year, and you’ve got one unbeatable playground.

    Mammoth Expert Terrain

    If you’re looking for some epic Sierra views (and the best Mammoth expert terrain), head straight to the Panorama Gondola. Once at Mammoth’s 11,000-foot “Top of the Sierra” summit, you can see for miles. Look over the ridgeline, or cornice depending on where you’re standing, and get excited. You’re looking down at 2,000-plus feet of wide-open pristine bowl skiing.

    As a major California ski resort in close proximity to two large cities—five hours from San Francisco and four and half from Sacramento—you can bet Mammoth sees some crowds. But as an expert skier or snowboarder you can certainly get away from the masses. The secret is to ski the mountain like a local. Start from Eagle Lodge base village on the Eastern-most part of the resort, follow the sun across the mountain. Take a couple laps on Chair 15, 24 or 25, from there head to Chair 22 for your pick of steep black diamonds or even an early-morning pucker on double-black Avalanche chutes. Head to Chair 9, and make your way to the high alpine bowls along the famed Mammoth expert terrain. You have your pick, but if you’re looking for your own piece of paradise White Bark Bowl, and the entire backside of the mountain is usually unoccupied.

    Mammoth Unbound Terrain Parks

    Mammoth is renowned as a world-class destination for progressive park and halfpipe skiing and snowboarding. The world’s best train here, including Olympic and X Games snowboard hero Shaun White. Mammoth’s freestyle scene includes an 18-foot superpipe and boasts one of the world’s few 22-foot “superduper” pipes. Expert terrain park skiers and riders will love testing their skills at Unbound Main park, just keep your eyes peeled for the pros. South Park, Eagle park and Forest Trail Park will keep intermediate to advanced riders well occupied.

    To learn more about Mammoth expert skiing call, or chat with, one of Ski.com’s knowledgeable Mountain Vacation Specialists.